Join me at BlogHer PRO 14

I’m all yours. At least on Wednesday, December 3rd, at the Ask the Expert Session during Workshop #1 at BlogHer Pro ’14. Come chat, listen, and learn everything you ever wanted to know – or don’t want to know but should – about blogging and the law. We can talk about anything on your mind and I’ll try […]

Social Media Update: Facebook Updates on Likegating, Click-Baiting & Link Sharing

Our last Facebook Update article on Facebook Promotion Guidlines shared Facebook’s updated Pages Terms, which finally allowed businesses and bloggers to use a “like” as an entry in Facebook promotions, contests, and sweepstakes. Many of us breathed sighs of relief over the relaxation in Facebook’s “liking” policy, but that golden time is – somewhat – over. This article summarizes the […]

Etiquette: Newsletter Spam

Sometimes we are so excited to meet new clients, business prospects, or readers, that we fail to overlook the fact that sending news about our products, services, or sites via e-mail to someone who doesn’t want to read it is SPAM. Why should you care? For one thing, even though your best friend might forgive […]

Best Practices: More Blogger Disclosure Examples and Tips

You have the basics on FTC disclosures down, you’ve read our Blogger Disclosure Examples and Tips, and we’ve answered your 5 Top Blogger Disclosure Questions, but you’re still stumbling for the right language and the proper placement for your affiliate link disclosures or sponsored post disclaimers. In fact, your Disclosure & Disclaimer Dilemma is causing huge […]

Blog Life: 5 Essential Items For Any Blog Conference

Planning for a blog conference always seems to inspire a little anxiety, or even panic, in the best of us, especially if it’s our first conference, our first trip away from our kids, or our first professional blogging event. There aren’t just fashion decisions that must be made and then stuffed into the appropriate luggage […]

Blog Promotions: The Difference Between Giveaways, Contests, and Sweepstakes

We’re having our first giveaway at Bloggy Law: a free Blogger Rate conference pass to BlogHer PRO ’13. Before we get to the BlogHer PRO conference ticket giveaway, let’s do a little blog and brand building and talk giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes. This article will address the difference between giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes, which you need to […]

Social Media Update: New Facebook Promotion Guidelines

Today, Facebook revised its Pages Terms to allow you to administer your promotion, contest, sweepstakes, or giveaway directly from your blog’s or company’s Facebook Page. For those of you who had been following the previous Facebook promotion guidelines to the letter and didn’t like using apps, you can breath a sigh of relief that you […]

Blog Health Checkup: Amazon Affiliate Program Terms Update

On August 1, 2013, Amazon updated the terms of its Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement, which applies to you, if you are an Amazon affiliate. If you haven’t checked the terms of the Program in a while, now is a good time for a quick Blog Health Checkup. This article goes through a few terms […]

Your Five Top Questions About Blogger Disclosures Answered

We’ve shared a few examples of blogger disclosures for sponsored posts, reviews, and affiliate links, but you’ve sent us more detailed questions asking when to disclose a sponsored relationship and how to creatively draft a disclosure without putting off readers. This article answers your specific questions about blogger disclosures and shares our easiest tip for […]

Best Practices: Blogger Disclosure Examples and Tips

You’re primed with the basics on the FTC and “disclosures,” but now you’re wondering how to put all that information into practice?  This article will walk you through some blogger disclosure examples to reference whenever you spread sponsored messages through your social network. While there is no “right” type of disclosure, there are definitely types of disclosures […]