Social Media Update: Facebook Updates on Likegating, Click-Baiting & Link Sharing

Our last Facebook Update article on Facebook Promotion Guidlines shared Facebook’s updated Pages Terms, which finally allowed businesses and bloggers to use a “like” as an entry in Facebook promotions, contests, and sweepstakes. Many of us breathed sighs of relief over the relaxation in Facebook’s “liking” policy, but that golden time is – somewhat – over.

This article summarizes the latest August 2014 changes to Facebook’s Platform Policies and News Feed updates which bring an end to 1) Like-Gating Facebook Pages or content, 2) Click-Bait Headlines and 3) Photo Caption Linking.

3 Changes to Make to Your Facebook Page Right Now

1. STOP requiring fans to like your Page through an App.

You can no longer “incentivize” people to like your Page through an app. Incentives include “rewards” or making apps or app content available based on whether someone has liked your Page. Developers must comply with this new policy by November 5, 2014.

Although this update is for Apps, Facebook’s desire for “people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives” could mean similar changes to their Promotion Guidelines in the future. For now,  according to Facebook’s Pages Terms, it appears that Facebook still allows you to use “likes” on your Page’s posts as a contest entry mechanism.

Pro Tip: This change in Facebook’s Platform Policies does not mean you can’t encourage or ask people to like your Page. Just make sure the “like” is not required, but is merely optional.

2. STOP using click-bait headlines.Link Sharing Click Bait Like Gating Facebook Updates

A crackdown on click-bait is in full effect at Facebook. This is supposed to mean no more shocking headlines like, “You’ll never guess what/which/who did this shocking thing to achieve this shocking result.” Instead, Facebook intends to promote stories with headlines that provide users with relevant information which helps them determine whether they really want to click through to your full article.

Pro Tip: Instead of dangling a general hint in front of your reader, give them a small taste of what to expect when they visit your site. You can still pique their interest with exciting headlines or a bit of intrigue, but give them a sense of what they actually will be getting if they click your link.

3. STOP posting text links in your photo caption or status update.

According to Facebook, it will “prioritize showing links in the link-format, and show fewer links shared in captions or status updates.” This means you should be sharing a link, letting the photo and snippet populate, and then adding additional text or a headline as necessary, like this:

Using Link Format on Facebook Page


versus uploading a photo and then adding a text link in your update or photo caption, like this:

How to Share Links on Your Facebook Page

Pro Tip: Use the Facebook link-format!

What do you think of Facebook’s recent changes? If you started putting links in your updates because you discovered your readers didn’t understand how to use Facebook’s link-format are you going to stop? Share your thoughts or best tips below in the comments.

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