1. What is BloggerEsq?

BloggerEsq is a website run and written by Chrissy Watson, aka the Outlaw Mom.  BloggerEsq features useful information, resources, and tips relevant to the intersection of blogging, social media, and law.

2. Who is BloggerEsq and the Outlaw Mom?

Chrissy is a practicing intellectual property and new media lawyer in Silicon Valley, California, with experience as a federal criminal prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  You can find her official bio here.  In addition to BloggerEsq, she owns and writes the popular Outlaw Mom(r) blog, which features articles on how to raise a thinking child, creative DIY tutorials and recipes, and parenting humor posts.  Chrissy is also a mompreneur, with a soon to launch brand-to-blogger outreach and education company. BloggyLawyerTopics

3. Is Chrissy available for non-legal, business consulting?

Yes.  Chrissy provides business and social media strategy and best practices consulting and training.  She also provides privacy audits and compliance reviews.  For rates and availability, please e-mail Chrissy at theoutlawmom[at]gmail[dot]com.

4. Is Chrissy available for speaking engagements or creating training materials?

Yes.  She is available for virtual and in-person interviews and workshops or as a panelist at your next social media/tech/startup conference, company training, or private event.  She is also available to draft best practices and training materials for you or your company.  For rates and availability, please e-mail Chrissy at theoutlawmom[at]gmail[dot]com.

5.  How can I submit a question for consideration in the What’s The Deal series?

We’ll be coming up with a nifty form soon, but for now, if you have a topic you’re dying to see addressed, please send an e-mail to theoutlawmom[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll make a note.

By submitting topics for consideration in our weekly What’s The Deal series, you agree that

  • you will NOT submit confidential information;
  • you are not guaranteed a response; and
  • information related to your submitted topic that is posted on this site, in The Real Deal newsletter, or in any Bloggy Law’s social media status update does NOT constitute legal advice pertaining to you or your company.

Submitting a topic for consideration is NOT a substitute for seeking legal counsel.  If you need immediate legal assistance, please contact your attorney.

8. Is the information I submit to this site confidential?

No.  Information you submit to this site as a comment, information you send in an e-mail to theoutlawmom[at]gmail[dot]com and information you post to any of the Bloggy Law social media properties (including your interactions on or with the social media platforms) is PUBLIC. You should NOT have any expectation of confidentiality or protection via the attorney-client privilege, work product theory, or otherwise.

6. Is Chrissy my lawyer?

No.  You do not become Chrissy’s client and she does not become your lawyer simply by reading articles at BloggerEsq, subscribing to The Real Deal newsletter, sending Chrissy an e-mail, submitting a What’s The Deal topic for consideration, or becoming a follower or liking her or BloggerEsq’s social media profiles or status updates.  Information you consume on this site, its newsletter, or its various social media properties does NOT constitute legal advice.

7.  Can Chrissy represent me or give me specific legal advice?

Maybe.  But NOT through this website, its newsletter, e-mails, or social media properties.  If you or your company have a professional legal services inquiry, you may send Chrissy an e-mail at cwatson[at]carrferrell[dot]com.

8.  How do you use my personal information that I submit to this site or The Real Deal newsletter signup?

If you submit your name and e-mail address to sign up for The Real Deal newsletter, we will use that information solely for purposes of administering the newsletter distribution.  We do NOT sell or give away that information.  The same goes for your name and e-mail address if you leave a comment on this site.  Please visit our Privacy Policy, our Confidentiality disclosure, and our Disclaimers for more information.

Questions? E-mail us at chrissywatson[at]gmail[dot]com.